Yeah, this site’s been a little dead for awhile….however….the story has continued, just, not on here! If you’re a local fan of Rebel Forces, we have been publishing mini comics for the past long time to test the market…and….

We’re beginning to transition our comic output to new technologies! What does this mean for the future?

Rebel Forces is going to be releasing on digital storefronts which have improved since we began this comic adventure in 2012, namely, Kindle and Google Play! (other stores pending R&D)

Mini #1 (the 8 pages which have been up here forever) will remain free FOREVER, but will be updated with a whole new way of viewing! (namely, zoom technologies on your tablet!) However, we will make sure to keep this site relevant- it will also contain ‘extras’ and ‘omake’ content, as well as relevant content from our indie label’s site, Roguestudio Comics! This includes a section to buy the minis not currently online in print, if you like dead trees!

However, if you’re patient, the minis currently not available in digital format will be released soon, pending store approval! These will also feature intuitive comic reading (Kindle only)! We hope to get them online by MAY 2016, to go along with the release of Mini #3 in Print (Which is releasing locally on May 7th, 2016, to coincide with Free Comic Book Day!)

To complete this process, we expect to have to do some redesign of this site to better serve our vision from this point forward. To keep updated on that process, make sure to follow RogueStudio Comics either on their Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks, and we look forward to serving you with new stuff soon!