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So, here we go?

Due to a annoyance in the coding for ComicPress (the system I’m using), it appears that I am going to have to post this 1 page a day- I hadn’t been expecting this, but, eh, whatever.  The fix for it appears to be beyond my patience for editing code at the moment, alot of people who use this system seem to notice this little problem.

Enjoy the daily posts, although, let it be known that beyond this initial period I don’t have a giant intention of keeping daily pages/schedules.  I prefer trying to make these pages as best as I can get them visually rather than speed. I will be doing alot of other things such as blogging progress, Livestreaming progress, and interaction through Twitter/Facebook to try and add some reader input on a regular basis, and anything else that strikes my whimsy inbetween pages/chapters.