Those of us here at RogueStudio/Rebel Forces would like to say, well, Merry Christmas, one and all (or if you don’t celebrate it, Happy Holidays!)!

We’re busy at work getting the next part up and ready to go, we haven’t forgotten all of you! Keep attention to the twitter and Rogue’s Dev Blog, but, if all is going as planned, hopefully there will be more pages ready after the new year. But have a holiday themed image featuring…who….well….stay tuned on that one~but hopefully it makes you warm and fuzzy none the less, ha ha.

Our con schedule is still up in the air for next year, but┬átentatively, our artist is planning on trying their hardest to attend Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA, and Boston Comic Con in Boston, MA, and is also considering Anime Boston, MoCCA Fest, and PAX EAST. We’ll keep you posted.

So, once again, happy holidays and a Happy New Year! (don’t get too partied out between now and the new year, ha ha…)