Thank you for your interest in Rebel Forces.  Below is a sample of the many positions and variety of jobs we offer, both on the operative and support level.


– Light/Recon:

These soldiers form the bulk of our current forces- These are units primarily comprised of ground, light infantry-based troops, as well as soldiers who have backgrounds in scout and reconnaissance tactics (ground or marine).  All around physical fitness is a MUST with this position, as these operatives are often called upon to do a wide variety of jobs, as well as supporting other class operatives as needed.  We have soldiers in these units from a variety of backgrounds, combat or combat support, although a preference is shown towards those soldiers from infantry backgrounds, as well those with experience in Special Operations.

– Strikers:

Operatives in this position are responsible for attacking larger targets from air, sea, or ground, as well as defending our light forces and other resources as needed. Operatives in this position must have the strength and endurance needed to lift heavy arms and ammunition for various weapons systems and vehicles, and most operatives have experience in heavy infantry and/or artillery, as well as combat engineering.

– Mech

Operatives in this position operate and control various mechanized fighting systems, ground or marine based, for various defensive and offensive operations.  Operatives/pilots in this position are required to already be qualified on at least one platform similar to our systems, and should have some degree of experience in combat operations using their system as well.

– Aviation

Operatives in this position are pilots and crew for helicopters, both attack and troop/supply based. Our current force of helicopters is comparable to special operations caliber craft from any other modern army.  We prefer crew and pilots who have Special Operations experience for these positions, due to the technical nature of learning aircraft systems- but pilots and crew with considerable experience in general combat operations will be considered as well if the applicant is willing and able to undergo the appropriate training on our systems.


Although it is often recognized, perhaps even stereotyped that an army is as only as good as its combat forces, our combat operatives could not operate without the support of many other types of good men and women as well! We offer positions in various ‘combat support’ roles, including:

Intelligence:  Operatives work with combat operatives both in field and behind lines to disseminate and identify potential threats to our clients and our forces.

Communications: Operatives maintain and operate various communications systems, from large computer databases to mobile radio and “commlink” systems,  allowing all our operatives to communicate with each other, as well as our clients, no matter where in the world they are…

Mechanic: Operatives maintain the various weapons, vehicles, and other misc. mechanical/electronic systems other operatives need. Will often work with Communications/Supply.

Logistics/ Supply: Operatives maintain and ensure goods our forces need to operate efficiently are available and ready for our forces whenever they need them.

Transportation: Operatives use ground or marine based systems to deliver or recover goods and resources from locations worldwide in a variety of missions.  Operatives may also be qualified to work on Aviation crews as well.

Engineering: Operatives will be responsible for engineering and building a variety of structures to help both combat and support troops in their missions.  Those with combat engineering or civil affairs experience may also participate in other missions with Striker or Light forces.

Medical:  Medical staff are needed, both in field, attached to various units, and at various points behind the combat zones, as well as medical staff with experience in marine and air operations.

This is only a broad overview of the positions at our organization – please contact us for an overview of positions available currently.