Brief dossiers on the characters you will find within our organization. Will be updated as information on new team members is released…


               Ryusho “Rogue” Takayama

DOB: 20.1.20XX, Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Prologue Part 1

One of the co-commanders of the Rebel Forces. Specializes in intelligence based operations and logistics (all of those fun, slightly less impressive things needed to keep a company running…), generally calm and collected no matter what the situation.  Some might be quick to call him aloof and weak because of this cool exterior, but, it is not wise to underestimate him , in particular in the middle of a combat operation where your life may be on the line.

Misc Facts: Try not to lose a bet with him. You will regret it. Trust us.   Or ask Alex, and he’ll tell you. Maybe.







Alexander “Zero” McNeill

DOB: 16.06.20XX, Ft. Lewis, WA USA

First Appearance: Prologue  Part 1

Alex, Rogue’s brother in arms,  is the other commander of the Rebel Forces, handling combat operations, training, and most of the business that happens in field. A bit of a hot head, it is wise not to get on his bad side, as with years of experience in SOF type organizations, he is more than capable of dealing with threats and problems. The hotheadedness, he  assures is just the cruel humor needed to survive in battle from day to day, but…

Misc Facts: Despite he is seen as a hardass half the time, there is one thing he seems to have an irrational fear about. As what that is….good luck finding out, you may not live to tell the tale.